TTC Series: Information Overload

Wow I am 13 lessons into my Fertility Friend “Charting your way to Fertility” unit and I’m amazed at how much I am learning and just how little I really knew about my own body and my reproductive system. I feel very lucky to have such knowledgable friends and such great resources at my finger tips.

I have found that the information has lessened my stress about it and I feel very empowered.

I am going to Dr. Quimby’s office today for my blood draw. According to my FF ovulation chart it looks like I may have ovulated on CD 26 and I’m four temps into the luteal phase. I have a VERY erratic temperature, but despite that I have had 4 temps that are much higher then the others that may just reveal that my 50mg of Clomid have helped my ovulate my progesterone levels will be higher.

We did time things fairly well and we could get pregnant, although I would be shocked!

The other cool thing was that I (for the first time) had 2 positive readings on a Ovulation Prediction Kit. About 6 months ago when we first started really trying I had used them to no avail. I never had a clear positive ovulation test – which I now know was accurate – because I wasn’t ovulating. But this cycle I had 2 positives, that were clearly positive. Between that and documenting my CM and BBT I think I may have ovulated. And I think it was about 11 days after taking Clomid so there could be a direct coorelation.

Enough talk…

I’m a bit nervous about the blood draw, I really don’t like them. But I will be really excited to hear back from their office on my levels. My friend gave me a heads up that sometimes they just give you a “yes” or “no” that you did or did not ovulate. So to be sure to ask what your progesterone levels (numbers) actually were. Again more information.

I am feeling the truth of the statement “information is power.”

Off to write a publishable blog. For now still keeping this private but feeling more confident that this could work.

Written May 16, 2011

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