No Sew Bunting: A Tutorial

I love buntings! I love that they are festive, reusable, and can be tailored to any theme. I also borrowed some for a recent tea party that were not the traditional pennant shaped triangle, but instead were adorable half circles. I decided the next bunting I made would be a strand of semi circles. 
My girlfriend found the most adorable mustache burlap and knew it would be perfect for the Stache part of the Sash or Stache Bash. She also found some awesome white burlap and the crafty person that she is figured we could paint on yellow sashes ourselves.
Upon pulling out the golden yellow paint and burlap Heather’s Mom suggested we make a stamp with a potato – yes a real dinner potato. She set to drawing a draft and carving it out of the potato. It was adorable. We dipped it in yellow acrylic paint and stamped away.

Then I created a template with an old manila file folder and cut away. The nice thing about burlap is that you can just cut – no sewing – and the frayed edges look awesome. And… you can cut several layers of burlap at once to expedite the process.

To create the buntings I just hot glued the burlap to twine and rope. Originally I had planned to do a pattern of mustache, sash, mustache…. but later decided they would be easier to re use – maybe even in a nursery or for a shower if they were gender specific strands. So… I used brown twine with the white burlap and white (thin) cotton rope with the brown burlap to tie the colors together. Turned out adorable!

Happy (no)sewing!

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