TTC Series: November 1 – Nurses’s Check Up and Sharing the News.

I went to see the nurse today. Did a full history and am so excited to see Dr. Quimby in 2 weeks. She asked all kinds of questions. I had the answers. I love my Fertility Friend App on my phone. I felt like I had been on top of it all.

Wanted to share a few stories of how we have told family and friends.
I had my blood test just a few days after we found out and had it confirmed. So we are going to tell those closest to us. We have decided to share with those who we would share with if something happened to the baby. Those who we would want to know about a miscarriage if it were to happen. That seems somewhat pessimistic, but we are trying to be safe and share with those we just “have to” share with.

Sunday October 16th at church next to my parents was torturous. I wanted to tell them so badly so on the way home Ben said I could tell my sister Tonie. I knew she would want to know right away so I was so excited and relieved to call her. I knew how I wanted to do it. She had said just two weeks before that I had “better tell her” right away. We had been talking about pregnancy and such and even gone shopping at Forever 21 and seen their new maternity section. We were talking about all my pregnant friends and I mentioned wanting to purchase this “pregnancy starter kit” for my friend who was pregnant with her third. It had maternity leggings, a tank top, and belly band in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

So… Sunday night I called her.. she didn’t answer… called again. She answered. My heart was racing and in my throat. I said, “Hey Tonie, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?” She answered that she would, but none to happily. ๐Ÿ™‚ I asked her if she ever goes to that Forever 21 that we went to last weekend. She said she did sometimes and I asked if she would drop in there and pick up a “pregnancy starter kit for me.” There were a few moments of silence and I said “because I may be needing it in a couple of months…” She started to scream and cry, heard her hit the floor and scream “You’re pregnant?!” over and over. There are wonderful photos that her roommate managed to get of her and I hope to share them too.

It was priceless…

Well as the week wore on it became more and more clear that I wasn’t going to be able to hide anything from my Mom and Aunt. They see me every day and that makes keeping any secrets very hard. They would note my changes in diet etc. We had been to Mexican and I turned down a margarita or beer because I had “school work to do.” I knew that soon they would see through my lies. ๐Ÿ™‚

So Ben agreed that we would share with my family on Friday night before my Mom and Aunt and I headed to Moses Lake on Saturday. Plus Tonie could be there Friday night. I headed over to my folks around 8 and ate some snacks and put in a terrible movie. About ten o’clock Ben showed up after work and started to make a racket. He had a tape measure and note pad out and he was measuring things in the hallway and around the living room. He was making all kinds of noise and taking notes. OF course trying to get my folks attention. When they just kept watching the moving he came into the living room and asked them how many outlets were on a particular wall. My Mom just said, “Oh I think one or two.” (In her mind he was just asking about it because of our remodel). Then he turned to my dad and asked him how far apart the banister railings were apart.” My dad asked why and said “about 12″ apart… for safety…” a smile rolled across his face and Ben said “because we will need to get this place baby proofed in the next few months for your grand baby.” Scremaing ensued, the movie didn’t get muted, The video camera got turned on, lots of tears and so many stories.

My Mom pulled out baby clothes she had been saving, Tonie pulled out a Maternity Starter Kit and some maternity jeans for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was crazy. I presented my folks with a book that was reversible. A story about grandmas and flip it for a story about grandpas. It was a special night for sure.

The next evening we had the Jacobson clan over for a “Birthday dinner for Ben.” The whole family was there. Emily and Jerod arrived first, it took us a lot of work to get them to come ahead of time but luckily just a few minutes before everyone else they were at the house. We had a special way to share the news with “Auntie” Em. We had an “ant” hat that we had wrapped up for her and told her we got her something for her Halloween costume. She opened it, She put it on her head and acted polite saying, “What is it a ladybug?” We all laughed and she looked so cute! Ben said, “No we figured it was the last year you could just pretend to be an “aunt.” eventually Jerod started chiming in saying, “Oh it’s an ant…” “You can be an AUNT for Halloween.” Eventually she caught on too. Tears and lots of smiles just before the rest of the crew arrived. It was also really fun to tell Emily that Baby #1 was due on her birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course the rest of the dinner was slightly challenging for us. There was some very ironic conversations about when the kids were babies or what Janice’s pregnancies were like, very much unprompted. Then came dessert and Ben brought out a platter with lots of cupcakes and a smaller platter with some “baby cupcakes.” HE started by saying that the cupcakes were for his birthday but the mini “Baby” cupcakes were for a birthday that would come in 9 more months. Rich and Janice’s faces were PRICELESS. Shock. Mouths agape, tears and all. It took another 5 or so minutes for the uncles to realize what was going on and when the “ah hah!” moment came it was fantastic. Ben presented Janice with a children’s book she used to read to him as a baby, “Love You Forever” and again more tears.

So much joy!

We also presented Tonie with an “ant” hat and said she could wear it for Halloween.
So much fun.

We later also shared with Kevin and Kara – Ben couldn’t refrain. He also shared with our friend Mark  because he and his wife are expecting too and again Ben couldn’t refrain. Ben’s boss also got to hear our good news and it was fun for Ben to talk baby with Micah because he is due in just a few weeks with his first baby, a little girl.
We also shared with Dave and Heather by brining along our baby Toms to dinner one night. Heather had mentioned that she got Paige, their 1 year old daughter, her first pair and I just couldn’t resist. As soon as we all sat down to dinner I leaned over to Paige’s high chair and set the Toms on her tray. I told her to open it…. we waited. With some help she go the lid off and I said, “Paigey, these are for your new friend…!”
Again many tears and hugs!
We feel so loved and supported by all our family and friends.

That’s all for now!

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