TTC: sharing our good fortune with Benjamin

Oh my goodness. Could this be true.
I stared at that test. Stared.

And then thought, how will I tell Ben? It’s got to be good. He’s at work, I have time.
My mind started racing. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to tell him in a fortune cookie.
We got a fortune on our first date that read “the evening promises romantic interests” and ever since had collected, joked, and enjoyed sharing our fortunes.

I came up with a plan.

Texted Ben.

“Love, do you want to go on a date tonight?”
“How about Pho? And maybe a movie?”
“sounds good.”

The plan was in motion.

Next I called and made arrangements with a gal at our favorite, family run Pho restaurant in town. Luckily the young woman who spoke excellent English answered and was excited to help. She would help me insert a fortune into a cookie and make sure that our cookie was delivered to us.

When Ben got home he thought a movie, then dinner, sounded good. I on the other hand was dying. If we did that the plan would be spoiled. I played “hungry.” But, being the good guy that he is he kept coming back to getting the matinée price. I convinced him I was too hungry and that we could use some free passes that we had which would be better used on a full price, late evening movie. We never made it to the movies. 🙂

Off we went to Pho!

When I arrived I played it off that I had to go to the bathroom and snuck behind the counter. The young woman who was part of my plan was gone! My heart sank. However, I was able to locate someone who could help me and she got my instructions clearly. I inserted the fortune into a cookie – which proved much harder then I had imagined. Then I handed it back to her in a sandwich bag that had the label “Ben’s fortune” on it. I didn’t want it lost or mixed up. I trusted her and laid it in her hands. 😉

Dinner was torturous and I primarily looked at my phone and played games. I knew people were staring at us as I played “Family Feud” and he searched sports statistics and thought “oh those kids” “why don’t they engage with each other.” I just couldn’t. I’d give something away. I had the test in my pocket and even pulled it out near the end of dinner to get this shot.

Then she brought the tray of fortune cookies. To say my heart was racing is an understatement. I could tell she was very intentional about how she laid the tray down. I figured this might just go off without a hitch.

Snapped a few photos.

Here is Ben opening the fortune that read,
“The new year promises parent like interests

I got the due date off by 2 days, but I figured he’d get the picture.

He looked up to say “you’ll never believe what this says…” saw my face and the camera, and realized what it meant, I could tell he was excited and overwhelmed as he hung his head over his Pho.

He couldn’t believe it!
Of course he asked me when I knew, how I long ago I took the test and how I pulled it all off.

He let me call my sister right after we left the restaurant and a day or two later we headed to my folks house to share our fortune. Of course we acted as if we had just come from Pho – little did they know that they were closed that day. We pretended we had just come from Pho and got this amazing forturne that “they would never believe.” My Dad was very confused and thought it was real. He admitted to thinking, “Oh I hope they don’t get their hopes up because of this…” when he first read it. But after my Mom saw the anticipation in our faces she snatched the fortune, read it and started squealing. They were so excited and in UTTER SHOCK like us.

The reveal to my in-laws soon followed over coffee at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s house, and the notorious “you’re going to be an uncle” reveal to Benjamin’s brother Luke – as he drove down the freeway through an open window! We had so much fun sharing our good fortune!

The excitement couldn’t be rivaled, but I still had a lot to deal with…

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    1. I think it may be the only time I get to be! I was so shocked – never would have taken the test with him gone all day if I had anticipated it. Thanks for reading Callie.

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