A Mother’s Day Reflection and GIVEAWAY

I will tell you, that sometimes, Mother’s Day can be tough. Even for those of us who have had our dreams of motherhood come true.
Truly tough for those who lost a mom, we lost my maternal grandmother just days before Mother’s Day this year.


I don’t think that tough goes away, whether it’s the first Mother’s Day apart or years of Mother’s Days without your mom, it’s just hard.

Maybe you are a Mom who has experienced loss.
A woman who mothers, but is not recognized as “mom.”
Maybe Mother’s Day just brings up an unfulfilled longing.


My Mother’s Day, while the day itself was filled with mothering was a bit lacking. Nobody is to blame for that.  It was special in many ways and the afternoon was much more joy filled and relaxing then the morning.  I just found myself with unmet expectations, and unfulfilled hopes. Unvoiced ones. And that is okay. What I realized is…. that is life, and is the beautiful part of loving Jesus. My fulfillment comes from the Lord, my validation from Him. My identity is not just wrapped up in how others see me or in their recognition of my “accomplishments.” I have the promise of grace, love, and heaven. That is a good Mother’s day.

I would also be amiss if I did not recognize that my thoughtful husband brought me home a beautiful hydrangea in remembrance of my grandmother, and my mother made me the most beautiful flower pot to enjoy on my back deck. And my sister also sent me a beautiful framed photo of me and my newest babe. We also got to eat a delicious lunch and my favorite, strawberry shortcake. I received darling cards in person and in the mail, that now line the center of my dining room table as a centerpiece. Not to mention the boys took extra long naps so we even got a couple rounds of cards in. All in all it was a beautiful day – even if sometimes my emotions got the best of me.

One very special and unique aspect of my Mother’s Day this year was a project I got to be a part of. God gave my dear friend, and cousin, a vision to put together a devotional for women at our church – to be passed out on Mother’s Day. Thanks to her mad skills and a supportive backing from newlife it happened! And I got to be apart. There are 5 “stories from women who love Jesus” in the devotional booklet and I got to write one of those stories. Designed by Kylie Danskin Designs the layout and follow-up questions leave you wanting to connect with women around you and learning from each other. Oh my she did a wonderful job and it’s truly a beautiful thing. 

The best part you ask? I get to give it away – here on Inspiration Clothesline. Truly a GIVEAWAY devotional.

Kylie and I are hoping to partner more and bring resources to women who want to connect with God and each other so stay tuned.

Blessings to all Mom’s out there and to all those with the heart of a Mom.
I am excited to share some lessons I learned from my grandmother and mom in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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